Roller shutters for all window shapes and for your winter garden

Inclined roller shutters, winter garden shading and other sun protection products from Schanz

Schanz Rollladensysteme is the market leader for the shading of asymmetrical glass surfaces and roofs and your competent partner for roller shutters in all shapes. We offer shading solutions for windows and winter gardens of all types and produce roller shutters in premium quality. These regulate the room climate in a natural way, protect against solar radiation, heat, storms and noise, have a break-in-resistant effect and create sunlight.


Advantages of our roller shutters

The roller shutter is a classic for the home. It is easy to assemble and either blends harmoniously into the house facade or, if desired, it can also be used as a special design element. As a “master of adaptation”, it can convince functionally and visually even in rather difficult installation situations, because everything is possible from special roller shutters for skylights to round, semicircular, polygonal or even asymmetrical window shapes. A roller shutter can do a lot more than just "up and down".

For all window shapes

Whether oblique, pointed, round or straight - sloping roller shutters and winter garden roller shutters from Schanz are suitable for all window shapes.

Protection from heat

By shading glass and window fronts, roller shutters are very effective against unpleasant heat in rooms.

Shaping sunlight

Living spaces can be staged again and again with light and shadow. Roller shutters ensure the right atmosphere at all times.


Robust roller shutters are an effective barrier to make it more difficult for criminals to break in or even to avoid attempted break-ins.

Protection against bad weather

The robust and extruded aluminum roller shutters from Schanz offer effective protection against hail and storms.

Protection from the sun

Roller shutters serve as glare and sun protection. They protect against reflections and glare on electrical devices such as computers.

Room climate regulating

As an alternative to conventional air conditioning systems, roller shutters regulate the room climate in a natural way through shading and insulation.

Environmentally friendly

Roller shutters provide additional thermal insulation in the dark and reduce the heat exchange to the outside, making them environmentally friendly.
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Any inclination.
Any shape. Every corner.

Roller shutters for all window shapes

The roller shutters, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, can be used from vertical to horizontal. Whether pointed, sloping, semicircular or round windows, our special aluminum roller shutters know no limits and of course also shade straight windows. The roller shutter runs from bottom to top and the roller shutter box is the smallest of its kind. Retrofitting is possible without any problems.

More information about our inclined roller shutters
Sunshine moments
whenever you want.

Conservatory shading

Various options are available for shading the conservatory outside with roller shutters or other sun protection products. The winter garden roller shutter Wiga Star offers a particularly harmonious solution that adapts to the overall architecture. This shade is suitable for every roof pitch and shape and can also be installed later without any effort.

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Play of light and shadow
with light rails from Schanz.

Sun protection products

Schanz has also developed a new profile for roller shutters, also made of extruded aluminum - the Select profile, which can be used in conservatory shading and in sloping roller shutters. Thanks to a sieve-like structure, extremely discreetly regulated, clear and pleasant sunlight floods through the roller shutter. A fascinating scattered light that you can only find under a shady tree.

More information about our sun protection products

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Climate and protection made to measure

The special roller shutter systems.

Sunshine, a mild breeze and relax in the shade with a good book. If the summer heat stays outside, you can relax wonderfully in your own four walls. But sun protection systems from Schanz can do much more than just provide effective shade. With their elegant look, they set decorative accents, protect against noise, storms, loss of energy, burglars and curious neighbors.

Thanks to our competent advice, we develop customer-specific solutions together with you. With comprehensive service, our specialists are always at your side with advice and action from the idea to installation. Get to know us without obligation at one of the trade fairs we have visited. We would be happy to cover the cost of your entry, just make us aware of this during the consultation!

Welcome to Schanz!