Roof window roller shutter made to measure

Sky ligtht shutter- the perfect ready-for-assembly element, that outshine verything.

The customization for all common skylights:

  • Velux
  • Roto
  • Braas

For an offer, we only need the type number of your skylight, which is pressed on the

Sky light shutters are easily and fast to assembly, without harming the roofing.

Don´t hesitate to contact our sales department for further questions.

The advantages of the Sky Light Shutter at a glance:

  • Heat and cold protection
  • Lighting and blinds
  • Hail protection
  • Darkening
  • Series or group of panels is possible
  • Windows can be opened even when the shutter is closed
  • 2 years warranty

Sky light shutters for more living quality

Anyone who has ever lived in a living space under the roof knows how it is with the temperature regulation of the cosy rooms with the sloping ceilings. In summer it usually gets hot very quickly, while in winter it is cold and draughty. The slanted skylights not only provide nice brightness, but also ensure that intense heat and cold quickly spread through the room.

To prevent extreme temperatures from disturbing the indoor climate, homeowners can regulate the climate with roof window shutters and ensure less heat accumulation and better insulation. In addition, skylight shutters offer protection from unwanted light incidence through an optimal possibility of darkening and still allow the supply of fresh air.  

Comfortable attic space

Bathrooms, children's rooms and bedrooms in particular are often located under the roof. Rooms in which good ventilation and sun protection are particularly important. The simple operation of the roof shutters makes it easier for you to act quickly and to provide additional protection for yourself and your house according to the weather conditions.

Both with the roof window roller shutters closed and open, the windows can be opened in the tilt position. With electronic operability, these are child's play to use, particularly convenient and are also very easy to clean.