Your individual sun room shutter

Sun protection for any sun room

The sun room shutter shadowing of Schanz Rollladensysteme provides an optimal sun protection. Before any heat is developing the sun rays are being reflected. Aluminium roller shutters for all horizontal, asymmetric and symmetric conservatories and glass faces. The roller shutter boxes are being matched to the facade in terms of colour and are being fitted to the shape of the conservatory and furthermore they make a restrained and successful shadowing finish. In any favoured position the conservatory shadowing Wiga Star builts an interesting variation of the architecture and provides
with its select profile an impressive light and shadow play. Sun Star can be used alternatively for glass roof with a right-angled shape with a proof pitch of 15-70°.

High quality sun room shutters from Schanz

The shutter boxes are color-coordinated with the facade of the house, match the design of the conservatory and lead to a discreet and successful finish of the shading. In all individually desired positions, the conservatory shading Wiga Star provides an interesting variation of the architecture and offers with the Select profile an impressive play of light and shadow.

The Sun Star can alternatively be used for glass roofs with a rectangular shape at a roof pitch of 15-70°.

Let us show you the different shapes, endless color possibilities and technology for your conservatory sunshade, or order our free brochure. 

Natural light through sun room shutters

The winter garden gives you the opportunity to let more natural light into your home. Even on days when it is not possible to sit outside due to the weather, with a winter garden you do not have to give up the outdoor feeling. However, without conservatory shutters, it is not possible to control the amount of light coming in. Direct sunlight can quickly lead to uncomfortably high temperatures.

A conservatory without sun shades heats up considerably. Conservatory roller shutters give you more living quality and help to keep the room temperature comfortable even in summer. They insulate, protect from direct sunlight, reduce the indoor temperature, and even when it rains, they ensure that the patter is no longer so loud.