Asymmetric roll shutters

For any window shape if peaked, angular, semi-circular or circular our aluminium shauuters know no limits and of course they also shade straight windows. The angular shutter Studio Star for any shape, any angle and any inclination: its is our all-rounder! The angular shutter features the smallest shutter box, stable fins and nothing needs to be altered on the building for the construction.

Several options are possible:
Asymmetric shutters can also be combined with symmetric ones, e.g. for balcony doors or normal windows. The angular shutter runs from bottom to top and the roller shutter box is the smallest of its kind. It can be fitted subsequently without any problems.
Now there is an elegant way to shape light and shadow even more confortable. With our new shutter profile "Select" a gentle modulated sunlight enters your rooms even with closed shutters. 
Please have a look at all the different shapes, unlimited colour options and the technique of the angular shutter
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The Studio Star slanted roller shutter for any shape, any angle, any slope: an all-rounder!

The slanted roller shutters from us have proven to be particularly versatile, because the elements made of high-quality and robust aluminum profiles are true all-rounders. Whether pointed, slanted, semi-circular, round or straight windows - the slanted roller shutters know no limits. They are suitable for any shape, angle and slope, and asymmetrical shutters can be combined with symmetrical ones, for example on balcony doors. At the same time, it always provides reliable shade and safe protection from hail, heat or overly curious glances. Another particularly advantageous feature is the ease of installation, because nothing has to be changed on the building to install it. Thus a subsequent attachment is possible at any time. 

The sloping shutters possess besides the smallest roll shop box, which gives it at present, so that by nothing the harmonious general impression at the house front is disturbed. In addition, the sloping shutters can be positioned at any height. Half opened, they avoid so often glaring sunlight, protect furniture and plants - in particular also in winter gardens - do not leave the inhabitants however in the dark sit. On the contrary - supplemented by the roller shutter profile "Select", light and shade can be designed as desired, because it has a screen-like structure that allows partial shading and provides an extremely discreetly regulated, pleasant sunlight.

A stable construction prevents the slats from moving up, down or apart. In general, windows and doors can be reliably secured with the slanted roller shutter Studio Star, so that at the same time they have an anti-burglary effect.

Round windows, square windows, gable windows - everything is possible

Let the Studio Star slanted roller shutter show you the different shapes, endless color possibilities and technology, or simply and conveniently order our free brochure.

Winter garden roller shutter

Sun protection made to measure: This is also what the winter garden shading from Schanz Rollladensysteme stands for. It reflects the sun's rays and thus ensures that the heat cannot penetrate your house in the first place. When it comes to design options, no wishes remain unfulfilled: whether horizontal, asymmetrical or symmetrical conservatories and glass surfaces - our all-aluminum roller shutters are up to any challenge. 

Thanks to our wide range of colors, the roller shutter box can be color-coordinated with the house facade and harmoniously adapted to the architecture of the conservatory or terrace. The Schanz Wiga roller shutter system, for example, is particularly variable and is suitable for any roof shape and pitch. It can also be retrofitted without great effort.

Here, too, the integration of Select light rails, which allow light to enter despite darkening, allows even more comfort. Their robust screen-like structure offers many advantages. The integrated openings let the pleasant sunlight into the house in a regulated manner. The light rails also score points for ventilation: Insects no longer have a chance to enter the house when the windows are open and the shutters are closed. Also the burglary protection with locked roll stores is given. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without the refreshing night air!

Shading at the touch of a button

The tedious manual opening and closing of conservatory roller shutters has long been a thing of the past. With electric operation, you can regulate the incidence of light conveniently and at the touch of a button. Today, a modern conservatory shading offers a maximum of comfort as well as a variety of color and design options! Let us surprise you and order our free brochure on the subject of "conservatory roller shutters" now!