Studio Star asymmetric roll shutters

Ideal solution for installing roller shutters on asymmetrical windows or glass surfaces.

The angular roller shutter Studio Star offers in all different versions the possibility for an effective and high quality shadowing with a sophisticated technology. For large or small windows in a variety of creative shapes; with peaked or obtuse angles; bevel shape or round arcs.


Solid structure and special design

The angular shutter Studio Star can be positioned in any height. Half open it is mostly absorbing
bright sun light protecting your plants and furniture but not leaving you in the dark.

The solid construction and the special construction characteristics of our Studio Star shutter prevents
a push up push down and push apart. Windows and doors are being secured reliably and therefor

The advantages of Studio Star at a glance:

  • Any form (including more than 45 degrees pitch)
  • Every angle
  • Smallest shutter box
  • Only light-transmissive curtain with Select-light rails
  • Installation at any time without changing the structure of the building
  • Shutter runs from bottom to top
  • Heat protection
  • Darkening possible (almost 100 %)
  • Soundproofing by brushing onto the bars
  • All RAL colors, special colors and NCS
  • Highest wind classified (4), no wind guard is required
  • Insect protection via small Select-Profile
  • Up to 5 meters high (depending on size and shape)
  • Protection against environmental influences (hail, heat,...)
  • Electrically or manually operated
  • Burglary-resistant
  • 30 years experience
  • Directly from the manufacturer with factory installation
  • 5 years warranty