High quality sun protection products

The customer is king. Schanz adopted this slogan and is raising their customer´s satisfaction with an additional selection of products. Not only special aluminium shutters for window of all construction shapes, normal windows and sun rooms are part of the program but also exterior aluminum blinds, sky light shutters and awnings. Get to know our further products for sun protection on the following pages.

Exterior aluminium blinds

To exterior aluminium blinds

Sky light shutter

To sky light shutter
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To awnings

Awnings for terrace and sun room

Awnings are an excellent solution when it comes to shading the terrace or conservatory. They harmonise with any architecture and are also suitable for large shading areas. Awning roofs impress with their robustness and durability. All models in the Schanz range are water and dirt repellent and resistant to UV light. They reliably protect against oven heat and unpleasant glare.

Schanz awnings also score points for their excellent quality in design and workmanship. They are light, yet stable, and allow the angle of inclination to be infinitely adjusted. An anti-lift device protects them from undercutting winds. Schanz sun protection awnings are also available as an alternative in the form of box awnings, which provides optimum protection for the fabric.

The sun protection professionals at Schanz offer comprehensive advice and help in choosing the right model or colour of fabric. This is best done directly on site. In this way, the UVA and UVB protection of the awning fabric can be optimally matched to the local conditions. The specialist knows which UFP (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) value is necessary for the awning to optimally unfold its protective function.

Roof window roller shutters - a perfect fit for all window types

Roller shutters for roof windows in a row or as twin installation are convincing in many respects. They can be used to optimise light and temperature during roof conversions. They also function as effective protection against cold and hail and provide excellent darkening.

The windows can still be opened and closed even in the folding position. The operation also leaves nothing to be desired. A 230 V direct connection or a solar variant enable convenient operation by means of an electric drive.


External blinds - elegant and practical

They are considered the more elegant and filigree alternative to the classic roller shutter: External venetian blinds reliably protect against solar radiation with their robust aluminium slats and are an optimal solution for rectangular vertical windows.  They are conveniently operated from inside the house.

The external venetian blinds can be conveniently closed, opened or turned to regulate the incidence of light as desired.An external venetian blind is not only an excellent privacy screen, but also an effective heat shield.