Select Profile shutters

Prevent heat build-up with Select Profile

Select-light rails consist of the well-known siped tread and have a robust sieve like structure through which a gently modulated, clear and cosy sunlight is flooding. The number of light rails for the shutter hanging is beeing assigned by the house owner, e.g. every second, every third or only one section. There are various possibilities.

According to your wishes the surface of the shutter will be anodized or colour-coated as per your request. The ventilation is almost ideal. You can shut down the roller shutter and open the window. Thus insects do not have the slightest chance to enter into the ambience and you can enjoy the first invigorating breeze in the evening in a gentle light without any disturbing elements.


You can choose between 2 profiles:

1. Full-Profile (without punching)
2. Select Profile (punching ø 2,0 mm)

The Full-Profile is closed and allows a nearly complete dim-out of the room, e.g. the bedroom. The Select-Profile is a perforated blade which is translucent and offers a protection against suns and heat e.g. in the living room but at the same time creates a comfortable scattered light.

Upon request these profiles can be combined with each other. For windwos we recommend to fit every third or fourth blade with Select-Profile, for glass roofs we recommend to fit every fourth up to sixth blade. Other combinations are possible as we.

On a summer day you can enjoy the morning freshness all day long. Wherever Select Profile is beeing unsed you gain a cosy bower.