Milestones & History

More than 45 years ago, Hans Schanz already broached the subject of unusual roller shutters. The result was a roller shutter that could be inserted from below into many different window shapes. The Studio Star was born.

Once presented as a world novelty from Baden-Württemberg, our product range is constantly being expanded and existing products are regularly further developed. Today, we are also established internationally and are synonymous with top quality.

  • 1977 Development of roller shutters begins and Schanz GmbH is founded.
  • 1990 Founding of Wiga Star GmbH - Production of shading systems for winter gardens
  • 1995 Subsidiary: Alutech United, Inc.
  • 2002 Joachim Schanz moves to the USA and becomes director of Alutech United, Inc.
  • 2003 Schanz GmbH and Wiga Star GmbH merge --> Founding of today's Schanz Rollladensysteme GmbH
  • 2006 Creation of the Swiss branch 
  • 2006 Schanz Rollladensysteme GmbH takes over Management & Marketing GmbH
  • 2006 Introduction of the CE mark
  • 2007 The wind resistance of Schanz roller shutters is classified according to CE criteria.
  • 2007 Turnover for the first time > €6 million
  • 2007 Introduction of a new corporate identity, new logo, new slogan, website, advertisements, ...
  • 2008 Creation of an apprenticeship in the commercial field
  • 2009 Creation of an apprenticeship position in the field of mechatronics for roller shutters and solar protection
  • 2009 Thermal test conclusive
  • 2010 Website in English
  • 2011 Lugano Trade Fair and Schanz brochure now in Italian
  • 2011 Schanz is now on Facebook
  • 2011 Apprentices in commercial and shutter construction have passed their exams and are hired
  • 2012 Website in French
  • 60 employees in Simmersfeld
  • 68 employees throughout Germany
  • Longest serving employee: Jürgen Seitz, since 1978
  • Best selling roller shutter: Studio Star
  • more than 3,000 oblique roller shutters and winter garden roller shutters produced every year
  • Certified training company (currently, 3 apprentices: 1 commercial and 2 roller shutter manufacturers)
  • 2021 starts with our new website