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Are there roller shutters available for my window shape?

Studio & Wiga Star Roller Shutters are our all-rounder. These roller shutters are available in 12 basic shapes. On top of this further shapes are available upon request. The inclination angle lies between 0° and 180° which means it can be used for windows, glass roofs and conservatories.

Can the roller shutters be fitted subsequently?

Basically our roller shutters are being fitted subsequently. This allows an easy fitting which normally can be done without any alteration to the facade. The extruded profiles allow compact boxes.

How much do the roller shutters cost?

The price for a roller shutter respectively for a textile shadowing will be configured as following:
- What kind of shadowing (roller shutters, venetian blinds or marquee)
- Material (aluminium or textile)
- Window shape
- Window size
- Architecture
- Any extras (crank, control unit)

We are pleased to prepare an offer for you which is free of charge and without any commitment for you.

Is my bedroom with a closed roller shutter completely dark?

With our Full profile you can completely darken for example your bedroom if you wish. Our Select profile however provides comfortable shadow and cool while you can still enjoy genuine daylight. The Select Profile is especially favoured for glass roofs and conservatories.

Is there a specialised contact person in my area?

The Schanz Rollladensysteme GmbH is selling and installing their products throughout Germany by their own associates. This way we can ensure our quality and our reliable service.

Where does the angular shutter come from?

The angular shutter is being produced in Germany, Baden-Württemberg (72226 Simmersfeld) at the head office of Schanz Rolladensysteme GmbH.

Which descriptions are important for an offer?

To prepare you an offer we would need the following information:
- a freehand sketch with the exact window shape
- any potential division
- the approximate size of the window surround

Which guarantee do you issue?

We issue a guarantee of 5 years for our roller shutters and 2 years for our venetian blinds and textile shadowing.

Which material is being used?

Only high quality materials are being used for our roller shutters.
Our Studio & Wiga Star are mainly produced with extruded aluminium, the shutter hangings of Sun Star is made of roll-formed aluminium.
The Venetian blinds consist of extruded aluminium.