Wiga Star

A conservatory is more than only an additional living space. It is also a place of peace and comfort;
it provides more freedom and quality of life as well as a scenic view into the outdoors.
For that nothing disturbs the beautiful moments at this place of reflection a careful planning and realization
of your "glassy living room" is very important. In doing so an appropriate shadowing has to be considered-
otherwise especially during the summer time it can become a "stormy affair". Venetian blinds, roller blinds,
roller shutters and marquees: For the outside shadowing we have various possibilities. A very harmonic
solution which adapts to the overall architecture would be the conservatory Schanz roller shutter Wiga Star.
This kind of conervatory shadowing is suitable for any kind of roof pitch and roof shape can als be fitted
subsequently without much effort.
The colour of the roller shutter boxes will be matched to the colour of the facade of the house and therefore
they built successful completion of the shadowing. But most of all: The aluminium shutters avoid that the
conservatory gets an uncomfortable "oven" because the reflect more than 92 % of the sunligt before this
even hits the glass.
Other than blinds or textile marquees the roller shutters are UV-opaque. Also rain, hail and storm will not
harm the Wiga Star. Thanks to the extruded blade profile the roller shutters aber very stable, durable and
resistant against any climatic influence.

Upon request the sieve like structure of the blades (Select-Profile) enables an individual shadowing of your
conservatory. This does not only guarantee a comfortable and well balanced climate in which plants are
prospering but also it offers a space for a nice play of light.

According to your wishes the surface of the shutters will be anodized or colour-coated. A lot of colours and
colour options are available.

We would be pleased to send your our free brochure. Our sales team also remains available for any further
questions you might have.