Awnings are not equal. Awnings have to resist against wind and weather, summer and winter, sun and
rain, heat and frost (even in the rolled-up-state).
Accordingly, the quality features designed for our awnings program, wheter in mechanice or in the field
of textiles.

Depending on the application, we distinguish 2 Awnings:

- Sun Tex - conservatory roof awning
- Marki Tex - articulates or cassette awning for your patio or your balcony

The Sun Tex conservatory roof awning provides easy sun protection for your glass roof or your
conservatory roof. For a variety of materials you can choose your individual sun. The Sun Tex is
supplied with a motor drive.

The advantages of the Sun Tex at a glance:

  • Sun and light protection
  • Very simple and quick assembly
  • Awning design in various patterns and colors
  • Driven by electric motor with automatic shut
  • Structure can be adapted to the conservatory in various RAL colors
  • Aesthetic box with a small required space
  • Easy accesibility
  • Great strenght of the front rail
  • Additional options: automatic sun and wind control
  • Impregnated fabrics
  • 2 years warranty

The Marki Tex is the ideal sun protection for your patio or balcony. For your architecture, you can
choose between different colors and patterns. For ideal protection of the substance, there is alternatively
a box awning.

The advantages of the Marki Tex at a glance:

  • Cozy atmosphere of light
  • Efficient shading from the outside
  • High quality design
  • Lightweight but very solid construction
  • Stepless tilt adjustment possible
  • Wind lock
  • 2 years warranty