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Already more than 35 years, Hans Schanz dealt with the topic of unusual shutters. "As a trained mechanical engineer, I was beginning to find niche products in order to become self-employed and to discover new territory."
Baden-Württemberg in the best tradition inventors developed Hans Schanz 1984,
a technique that represented in this form, a world first: a shutter that could fit in
the bottom of the window in many forms. The studio star was born.

With this product, positioned the company within a few years on the market. In 1989
it already had 30 employees with sales of 4 million DM. Even then, most of these
employees friends, acquaintances and neighbors of the now 6-member family were Schanz.

It first emerged across Europe relations in the construction sector, while the development
of the Studio Star went further and the new development of Wiga Stars for conservatories
received continued in full speed.
Expansion and international
In the nineties the second generation of the family business began. Holger Schanz 1990
started the construction and sale of conservatory blinds. He started the day under his existing

His brother Joachim Schanz increased with the acquisition of the US-a fully operational
American Shutters and began to explore the new market. He now heads the Alutech United Inc.
in Delaware, USA, and specialized his company on the shutters that can survive a hurricane

2000 till today
The second generation
Little by little took place in recent years, the final generation, and Hans Schanz retired
after over 30 years experienced the highs and lows from the construction industry and
the company.

The brothers Joachim and Holger Schanz lead in close cooperation together their two
successful companies in Germany and the United States: The Schanz Shutter Systems Ltd.
and Alutech United Inc. Their product ranges are constantly being expanded and the existing products are regularly upgraded. Learn more about this you see on our product pages.