Angular roller shutters

For any window shape if peaked, angular, semi-circular or circular our aluminium shauuters know no
limits and of course they also shade straight windows.

The angular shutter Studio Star for any shape, any angle and any inclination: its is our all-rounder!
The angular shutter features the smallest shutter box, stable fins and nothing needs to be altered
on the building for the construction.

Several options are possible:
Asymmetric shutters can also be combined with symmetric ones, e.g. for balcony doors or normal windows.
The angular shutter runs from bottom to top and the roller shutter box is the smallest of its kind. It can be
fitted subsequently without any problems.

Now there is an elegant way to shape light and shadow even more confortable. With our new shutter profile
"Select" a gentle modulated sunlight enters your rooms even with closed shutters.

Please have a look at all the different shapes, unlimited colour options and the technique of the angular shutter
Studio Star or just order easily and comfortably our free brochure.