Schanz asymmetric roller shutters

Roller shutters for any shape of window and for your conservatory

Schanz roller shutters adjust the indoor climate in a natural way; they protect against
sunlight, heat, storm and noise; they are burglar-proof and they even shape sunlight.

The roller shutters in asymmetry and symmetry can be used in any way from vertical to
horizontal. For any window shape if peaked, angularm semi-circular or circular our aluminium
shutters know no limits and of course they also shade straight windwos. The shutter runs from
bottom to top and the shutter box is the smallest of its kind. A subsequent fitting is possible
without any problems.

For the outside shadowing of an conservatory we have various possibilities. A very harmonic
solution which adapts to the overall architecture would be the conservatory roller shutter
Wiga Star. This kind of conservatory shadowing is suitable for any kind of proof pitch and
roof shape and also can be fitted subsequently without much effort. The colour of the roller
shutter boxes will be matches to the colour of the facade of the house and therefore they built
a successful completion of the shadowing. But most of all: The aluminium shutters protect the
conservatory from becoming an uncomfortable "oven" because they reflect 92 % of the sunlight
even before it reaches the glass. A perfect conservatory sun protection with Wiga Star.

Furthermore Schanz has developed a new profile for shutters also made of extruded aluminium:
Select Profile.

To be used for conservatory shadowing and for angular shutters. Through a sieve like structure
a very gentle modulated, clear and cosy sunlight is being flooded through the shutter.
A fascinating scattered light as you can only find it under the shadow of a tree.

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